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"Learning, Experiencing, and Doing Quality Improvement"

To date, 82 local health departments and 21 state health department programs have participated in the Public Health Quality Improvement (PH QI) 101 training program.  Recently published evaluation results from the first cohort of the program reveal that upon completion, 7 of 8 QI projects supported by the program had measureable improvements, 70% of participants reported high confidence in conducting a QI project following the training (versus 0% at baseline) and all participants reported sharing QI tools and methods with coworkers.  Evaluation data from subsequent cohorts have shown results that actually surpass these accomplishments.

For participants… For their organizations…

QI team leads and members develop:

QI  team members have the knowledge, skills and tools to:
  • Knowledge, skill, and tools that will begin transforming their work
  • QI, management and team work skills that will enhance their entire career
  • Skills to spread QI methods and tools to other staff to use in their daily work
  • Support additional QI projects to improve organizational performance
  • Lay a solid foundation to build capacity for continuous quality improvement (CQI) in your workforce and agency
  • Calculate and use Return on Investment (ROI) data


  • Local and state health department staff who are interested in building capacity for QI and supporting a CQI culture and infrastructure in their organization 
  • No prior QI experience is required to participate in the program

PH QI 101 is an interactive learning program for local and state health departments interested in improving the quality of the services they provide.  Participants learn about QI methods and tools and apply what they are learning to specific local projects.  The overall objectives of the program are to help participants:

  • Understand, select, and use QI methods (Model for Improvement and Lean) and tools in their daily activities to improve the efficiency of services within their agency as well as health outcomes
  • Coach others within their local setting to use QI methods and tools
  • Develop a plan to incorporate QI methods and tools within their agency so that it becomes "the way we do business"


For more information, email Melissa Barrentine Martin at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Programs supported by:

BlueCross BlueShield of NC FoundatoinThe Duke Endowment

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