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Sustaining PROJECT Improvements

Once you have tested and identified changes that successfully improve your process, it is important to sustain and hardwire them into your organization.  There are five areas your team should focus on when sustaining your improvements:

  • Involve and inform your senior leaders
  • Assign ownership to an individual (i.e., QI Coordinator, team lead—there is not a right answer and may vary by project)
  • Hardwire improvements by involving all staff (i.e., training for staff, job performance, hiring criteria, job descriptions, etc.)
  • Communicate improvements to clients and allow them to create accountability
  • Continuously measure and monitor results to ensure your new process is still working—you should reduce the amount of data you have been collecting and chose one or two overall measures that will give you a snap shot of the process

* The sustainability checklist and process owner checklist  provide more detailed guidance in helping develop your sustainability plan.* 


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SPREADING and Sustaining QI Within Your Organization

In addition, it is important to think about how to spread new concepts you have created during your project as well as how to begin to spread QI tools and methods to others in your organization.   Your team should consider the following to increase the odds of spread:

  • Identify the QI tools or new concept you want to spread and develop a "case" for why it should be used by others (include the results and stories)
  • Ensure that senior management is supportive of spreading the QI tools or new concept
  • Identify who you will spread the change to first (think about the "early adopters"—those most open to the change)
  • Identify how the change will be communicated to others (e.g., through a training session, personal communications, mentoring, etc.)
  • Identify who will be in charge of spreading  the QI tool or new concept and what issues need to be addressed before spreading
  • Identify how you are going to measure your spread efforts
  • Identify and document lessons learned as you spread to the next groups

* The spread  checklist provides more detailed guidance in helping develop your sustainability plan.*


Spread Checklist and Plan


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