Example QI Projects and Teams

Project Example 1:

We aim to increase the number of patients scheduled for Primary Care Clinic, in order to increase services to our citizens, and thereby increase revenue for the Primary Care Clinic to assure sustainability by October 1, 2010. We will achieve this by reviewing our current Primary Care Clinic flow.

Team Members:

  • Quality Improvement Coordinator (QI Team Lead)
  • Secretary
  • Medical Office Assistant
  • LPN - Primary Care
  • Lead Nurse
  • Director of Nursing


Project Example 2:

We aim to increase efficiency for accessing septic system permits by 80% in order to increase both internal and external customer satisfaction. Because the current process is time consuming, involves many steps, is occasionally inaccurate, and the filing process is outdated.

  • Efficiency for accessing septic system permit documents will be increased by 80%.
  • Internal and external customer satisfaction will be increased by 80%.

Team Members:

  • Director of Public Health Development (QI Team Lead)
  • On Site Waste Water Program Specialist (EH Specialist)
  • EH Supervisor I
  • Office Assistant IV
  • EH Specialist



Programs supported by:

BlueCross BlueShield of NC FoundatoinThe Duke Endowment

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