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Choosing the right project is important. If the project is the first for your agency it is important to choose one that will be successful and produce results that gain buy-in from others in the organization. (It does not have to be a large project; sometimes smaller projects that produce results have a great impact.) Given the current budget constraints, one recommendation is to choose a project that focuses on improving efficiency within your agency. When choosing a project, consider the following:

  • Where are the gaps between what you desire and your actual performance? (Conduct an observation walk (i.e. Gemba Walk) to gather ideas and review your community health assessment, accreditation results, financial performance, and client/staff satisfaction surveys for ideas).

  • Does the project have a strategic connection for your agency?

  • What areas do front line staff and clients think needs improving?

  • Can the project be done on a small scale and show results within 3 months?

  • Consider implementing projects that will produce "early wins". How confident are you the project can completed successfully? (Consider the leadership support from top to bottom for the project as well as fiscal resources)

  • Consider the "Wow! Factor". Is it an area that desperately needs improvement? , Will showing improvements in this area gain buy-in from staff to do future QI projects?

  • What is the resistance level from staff/managers/leaders? (Choose an initial project that has low resistance.)



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