New Hampshire QI 101 Teams Showcase Their Passion for QI at Workshop 3


Five New Hampshire QI 101 (NH QI 101) Program teams wrapped up the first leg of their QI journey during a final workshop 3 on July 18-19th.  Since starting the program in September 2012, the five participant teams have gained a great deal of knowledge on QI tools and methods.  Workshop 1 and 2 focused on teaching participants the concepts of QI, tools and methods to apply QI in their workplace setting and how to measure and display their improvement data.

“We learned that we can work out problems with everyone at the table,” said a participant.  “Including everyone in the process was transformative for our staff – really helped show the benefit of QI and help get others interested.”

During the third workshop, teams shared and celebrated their successes, developed spread and sustainability plans and learned additional tools to help them to continuously implement QI.  Teams were eager to display and discuss their improvements during the report out session that allowed the teams to present a summary of their projects.  With slide presentations, theme songs to describe their projects and lots of creativity, the teams enjoyed showcasing all that they have learned throughout the program.

“I liked implementing the things we were learning, said another NH QI 101 participant.  “It was a lot of work, but less effort because you did not have to figure it all out on your own. I could go to the sessions without doing a whole lot of homework to prepare, because I knew I would be learning during the sessions.”

Over the next few months, the teams will continue to collect improvement data from their projects and work on creating displays for an upcoming division-wide celebration event. 

Participants help brainstorm ideas during an QI tool session.

Team members working together to apply QI tools to everyday tasks.


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